Why we do

Our passion is to guide people towards a healthy and fit lifestyle in an inspiring environment.

We believe in you: experienced, inexperienced, young or old – everyone is able to develop themselves physically and mentally. Your goal is our priority, and we’ll help you to achieve your goal with our knowledge and expertise.

What we do

We offer personal training, group training and rehabilitation trajectories. Also, businesses, schools and institutions come to us for workshops and team building events.

Our workouts are intense, effective and efficient. We work with you to 100% effort and make every effort to achieve your goals.

We helpen je graag!

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Core values


Along with the individual, we are striving to an objective that by thought, could not have been possible.


As a team we are sharing our experiences, skills and specific knowledge with each other. Knowledge is power.


Is what we are radiating out, on entry, the first handshake, in a conversation, but especially during training.


Inside the team, our passion and vision are in one line, that makes us powerful.


Despite setbacks, distractions or problems we keep focus on achieving the goal. Problems we see as information.


A matching team. We are a team with distinctive features.


We are reliable because of our honesty. This makes the relationship with the customer strong.


Our strength is to radiate a form of energy to the client.


Because we have full attention and commitment to our client.


We Are ready to take action and not remain silent. Opportunities to tackle.

feiten over livept

  • 4 Locaties in de regio Den Haag
  • 3500+ Trainingsschema’s
  • 8 PT’s die altijd klaar staan
  • 30 jaar ervaring


Our business is to change your health by changing your habits!

We believe that approaching health from a 360 degree perspective leads to new insights in which physical and mental limits are surpassed.

We create individual training, nutrition and lifestyle programmes that are achievable in your daily life.

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